Image in Comments or an Image Comment

Is there a way to include a visible image in comments? Or have an image comment action that way you can find all your comments that have images in them. I realize that this would make the macros larger but there are a few cases where it would be very helpful since after all a picture is worth a thousand words and in some cases more (which is currently my need).

I have considered just deactivating a image click action and then if I need to see it I can copy it and paste it into something larger but that seems a bit silly to me for a solution.

There isn't yet, but you can use a "Display Text in a Window" action, because it supports RIch Text. You probably want to disable the action :slight_smile:.

But don't get carried away - try exporting the macro and see how quickly the size of the macro expands as you add images.

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Thanks Dan for a better workaround, I will use sparingly. There have been several times where I wanted to add an image but chose not to and made notes in Scrivener about the macro. Not as nice as just keeping it all in one location of course. I ran Squash on it and it is 15KB so not too bad.

I actually got the idea from this macro:

Where he has this help window (a portion of it here):

When you display it, it looks pretty cool. @Tom really did a great job on it.

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