Importing a macro appends action to an existing macro

This was an existing macro:

I downloaded and opened the following (from a forum post). I got a notification the macro was imported.

Search and Replace.kmactions (519 Bytes)

As a result, the existing macro got a new, appended action.

Is that supposed to happen?

Yep. The key is that you were importing an ACTION, not a MACRO.
This is indicated by the file extension on the download: .kmactions

I agree this is very surprising, and have requested several times to have this behavior changed, but @peternlewis disagrees. I think a simple dialog of "Do you want to import these Action(s) to the current Macro "Macro Name" would be extremely helpful.

99% of the time Macros are uploaded, not Actions. So we are all surprised sometimes by the Action Import process.

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I figured that out and found part of that discussion.

HOWEVER, that action was added to a macro I hadn't touched in months. It wasn't the last macro I had open, and the Editor wasn't open, so there WAS no current macro.

This behavior makes no sense.