Inactivate/Activate Macro Group isn't working?

I have a simple macro that activates or inactivates a group of macros. I'm pretty sure I've used it in the past successfully.
But the KM action "Activate Macro Group" and "Deactivate Macro Group" doesn't seem to do anything, with the latest version, nor does it grey-out the group when it is run to set a group as inactive. The toggle KM command "Activate/Deactivate Macro" group doesn't seem to work either. I assume it means "enable" or "disable" a named group of macros, but perhaps I'm not correct about this. Peter, is this a known issue?
Thanks so much.

Activate and Enable are different things.

The primary difference between enable/disable and activate/deactivate is that the former is a semi-permanent, editor visible, syncable change. The latter is a transient change, a change of state of the engine.

Essentially, the concept of Enable/Disable stems from enabling and disabling groups/macros/actions in the editor, while the concept of activate/deactivate stems from macro groups being active or not in a specific application.

You cannot activate a disabled group.

Thank you for your quick response and for clarifying that difference between activate and enable. Now I understand.