Increase font size until text fills whole page but does not exceed one page (how to follow the page count)

Hello, this may seem like a crazy question.
I often write signs in Pages or Scrivener, with big letters.
Procedure: I write the text, and increase font size until the text fills the whole page, but not exceeding one page. It's a bit tedious and takes time.
I would start by writing the text and highlighting it.
Is it conceivable to write a macro which would which would ↑ font size in such as way that the text automatically occupies one full page (and not more). If there is a way to determine when the page count goes from 1 to 2, I have the answer to my problem.
thanks very much for your time and help

This isn't a perfect solution, but my first thought is to have KM count the characters that are selected, and that count can be used to make a rough calculation of the font size required. This assumes that all the text will be the same size. After the calculated font size is implemented (so you can look at the document with font of that size), KM could also then increase or decrease from that rough calculation until you accept the final size.

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Thank you for your reply. I was looking for a solution along the lines of
1- write text
2- highlight text
3- increase font size (Cmd +)
4- when the page number goes from 1→ 2, decrease font size (Cmd -) once
The impetus for my question was basically what action to use to follow the page count
thanks again

That would be really easy to do if there’s a way to detect the number of pages in the document in the application you’re using. Is that available via AppleScript?

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Let's wait and see if one of the forum gurus will chip in

I don't profess to be a guru of any sorts, but I do think I have a solution that works for Pages along @thoffman666's suggestion (the process may be similar for Scrivener, but again, I don't have Scrivener 3, so I can't test it there):

Keep Front Pages Document at Single Page.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

And if that works, it can easily be made to repeat until it reaches two pages, then step it back one. That way, you’d only have to call the macro once, then sit back and let it keep increasing until it’s maximized for a single page.

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Great idea. Here's a version that does just that:

Keep Front Pages Document at Single Page (Automatic).kmmacros (3.3 KB)

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