Increment a Number in a Google Chrome URL and Then Load the Updated URL


I'd like to know if it is possible with Keyboard Maestro to increment a number in the Chrome addressbar and then load the site?


I would like to increment this number 1 to 2, 3, 4 ... 30 and load the page everytime. The purpose for this is that I want to copy all the content into Excel where I can then easier learn the material.

Unfortunately, I could not find how to do this. I know of a batch downloader that would use an easy command like for this and it automatically goes through each number:[1,30]

Is such a thing possible with Maestro?


I have managed to figure it out using a hint from another post here. Here it is for anybody who needs to do something similar.

I just wonder, if there is a better/cleaner solution to this? I had to split the repeat for single digit numbers and duo digit numbers in order to use the backspace 1 time and 2 times.


In stead of splitting your repeat, you can use shift-option-left arrow to select the last 'word' of the link.

But there might be someone more experienced with KM that can think of an even better way :wink:


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thanks a great tip! thank you

Hey @enigma2k,


I was going to say it's pretty simple, but it's really not.

It is fairly easy if a bit tedious once you've learned how to do it, but until you understand the necessary actions and regex – it's a head-scratcher.

Read the notes in the macro for special instructions.


Increment Google Chrome URL and Reload v1.00.kmmacros (9.7 KB)



Thank you, this is highly appreciated. Looks much better than what I came up with. I have to refresh my regex skills but this way it is even possible to pick a number if it is not at the end but also in the middle if you get the regex right. :slight_smile:

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