Insert Action Dialog and Action Panel

Every time, I hit Cmd+K keyboard shortcut (Show Actions), then the Cmd+Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut (Insert Action By Name...), the bar where I am supposed to type the name of the action I want to insert is half hidden in the left low corner of my MacBook screen.

(I wished I could have taken a screenshot but hitting the mac OSX built-in screenshot keyboard shortcuts makes the Keyboard Maestro bar disappear).

No problem when the Actions panel (Cmd+K) is hidden.

Using: Keyboard Maestro v8.2.4

Indeed, it’s the same here.

(Never noticed this, probably because I tend to either open the Actions panel or press βŒƒβŒ˜A.)


It only happens if the Actions panel has focus. When the main frame of KM Editor has focus – with the Actions panel still open – the Actions by Name box appears in the center again.

This is resolved in version 9 I believe.

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