Insert %NamedClipboard% in Send Mail Message?

Hi Community! I´ve just started to get the hang of the use of macro in general. But I love it! I tried reading any of the other posts about Send Mail Message.. but didn´t see my answer there.

I want to be able to send one standard mail to different persons. but change the --> Hi "name"
And use any clipboard function to insert that in the mail text. But using %NamedClipboard% won´t work?? I have the %CurrentClipboard% used for the mail adress...

Any tips? I would be thankful for a century!
my macro looks like this so far...

I figured out that bit by watching this guys video. If you´re here: Thanks!

But how to insert images in the body text with Send Mail Message?

Hey Isak,

You can only add one attachment with Keyboard Maestro’s mail action.

For more you’ll have to resort to AppleScript.