Inserting or Type Text Into Browsers Field Stopped Working

I've got a simple macro that I've used for several years, but now it has stopped working on my MacBook Air running Big Sur 11.3.1.

All it does is insert text and a carriage return. I use it to insert a password for a few websites that don't play well with my password app, which isn't able to populate the password field on a few websites.

I created the single step macro that inserts text by typing and then types a carriage return. One important point is, it is part of a macro group. When I separate the macro out as a standalone macro and assign a hot key to it, it works. But when I try to fire it as a member of a macro group, it doesn't work. One other point, it doesn't appear to be browser specific. It fails to work using Safari and Chrome.

Has something change with the Apple OS to break some uses of Macro groups?


The last update to Big Sur seems to have randomly revoked different permissions for various apps. Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy. Open the Privacy tab.

Check the different categories and see if Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine are listed, but the checkbox is off. Turn those options back on (assuming you want Keyboard Maestro to have that permission).

Depending on the nature of your macros KM and KM Engine will be listed in Accessibility, Full Disk Access, Files and Folders, Screen Recording and Automation. Probably others like Media & Apple Music if you use the Apple Music actions.

(Note on my system only KM and not KM Engine is listed under Full Disk Access & Files and Folders)

I suspect Safari or System Events is unchecked for you in Automation.



kavanh, thank you for your reply.

On my system, KM is only listed and checked in:

Security & Privacy / Privacy / Accessibility (both KM and KM Engine)
Security & Privacy / Privacy / Screen Recording (KM, but not the KM Engine)

It is NOT listed in:

Security & Privacy / Privacy / Full Disk Access
Security & Privacy / Privacy / Files and Folders
Security & Privacy / Privacy / Automation

My issue is not limited to Safari. The same thing happens with other browsers. Essentially, when I enter the hotkey combination to bring up the Macro Group and subsequently enter a single number for one of the items in Macro Group, KBM doesn't respond and the number I typed appears in the browser. The KBM Macro Group also continues in view.

I think you're on to something and that this is likely a MacOS setting, but I shouldn't have to manually add KM and/or KM engine to any of the needed places in settings. Not all the sections listed in your post have a "+/-" button to allow me to add them. Plus, I don't know where to find KM to add it anyway.

Anyone else having this issue? Maybe I should just remove KBM and re-install it? I definitely don't want to lose any custom macros I've created.

Anyone have a suggestion or recommendation?


Here is a video showing the behavior.

Is this still an issue?

I did some experimenting and I don't think this is a permissions issue, but I'm also not sure what it is. I can't duplicate it. What happens if you click on the macro option instead of typing 4? For some reason Keyboard Maestro isn't receiving the 4, Chrome is.

I set up a test macro to display a message so I could test if my macro was executing. Can you setup a new macro on your palette to the same? Then test if the macro fires at all by typing it's number?