Interesting bug using SteerMouse and Keyboard Maestro

Hi, I found a funny bug with using Steer Mouse and Keyboard Maestro at the same time.

I have a shortcut on Keyboard Maestro for scrolling down with the keyboard.

When I press Ctrl+Opt+Z, it scrolls simulates the scroll wheel up (500).

Before I installed SteerMouse, it worked fine.

On SteerMouse, I disabled the scroll wheel acceleration and made it linear, at 3.5 lines per scroll-click.

What started happening, is that when I use the keyboard shortcut and I am moving the mouse around the screen (no clicking or scrolling), the keyboard shortcut scrolling is much increased (3 or 4 times faster).

Has anyone ran into a similar issue?

Happy to send a video to help explain.

Thank you very much,



I heard back from SteerMouse support, and they said it's a conflict in the OS's event system:

"It seems that the Keyboard Maestro uses the same event system in OS so there is a conflict."

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