Interface improvements to Switcher macros

I love the simplicity and flexibility of the App Switcher, but I find the Window Switcher, dominated by the CoverFlow app display at the top, visually cluttered and therefore distracting. Please could we have a macro-editing option to hide the app chooser within the Window-switcher display?

Secondly, it is good that with dual monitors KM supports making the switcher windows show up on the same display as the cursor (much better for me than the native app switcher which always shows up on the wrong display), but please could this too be made optional? I actually prefer to know where it is going to appear without having to check where my cursor is. (And please default to same display as menubar, not same display as Dock.


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I think, it would be very helpful, if cycling through application windows would bring according windows in front. Often one searches for a window and it’s much easier to select a window by looking at its content instead of just looking at the window title.

This feature enhancement goes will with the request to make the popup smaller, so that it’s not in the way. I wonder if a popup is needed at all for cycling through applications windows.