Invert mouse scroll

When I use Logic, Alt+Scroll Up, zooms in, while scroll Down zooms out.
I have this other app where it's the opposite and it's kinda annoying that I always have to remember which apps use this or that behavior.

Can I revert the mouse behavior just on particular apps? So scroll up would send the message to scroll down and vice versa?

Just had a bit of a Google on your behalf and the only thing I could find that might do this on a per-app basis is Steermouse. Maybe you could demo it and find out...?

Steermouse is great, I can verify that on a per app basis it can be altered to scroll up or down.
Also very powerful in the ability to add modifier keys to scroll directions to then trigger KM macros.
Just my 2 cents...


Looks great! Having seen the modifier options for mouse buttons... I might demo it myself!!

@iamdannywyatt Check this out. The scroll bit starts at 3min:
BEST Mac app if you use a mouse - YouTube

Ok I downloaded the demo and so far I love it, but it stops working every so often and I keep having to hit "reconfigure device". Have you run into that?

Yes I was doing some Googling myself as well, but as usual, I would like to keep everything inside the same app (KM) if possible.
I found this app, but for some reason is not working for me (or maybe I'm missing something):
This is exactly what I wanted, with a panel to include apps.
I have already reported the issue on GitHub. Let's see what they say.
I found other apps, tried them, but no luck when it comes to applying the reverse only on some apps. I found this one called Karabiner, but can't really understand how it works, but it could be an option if I did.

I didn't see an option to set it up per app, which is what I need...
It seems that it's a global setting, which macOS already does that in the System Preferences. Or did I miss something along the way?

Would this be a limitation of the demo, maybe?

You click where it says “Default” which opens a little window and then you drag the app to it.

Definitely not. Found a few mentions of it on reddit and it seems to be a longstanding issue. I'll persevere for a while though.

It seems this is not for me...
"It does not support the Apple Magic Mouse"

Damn it!

Do either of the apps respond to changes to the "Scroll Direction" setting in System Preferences->Mouse? You might be able script a change to that every time the app activated/deactivated.

@noisneil Their website states that it doesn't support the Magic Mouse :confused:

Yes, both of them.

I have no knowledge when it comes to AppleScript, unfortunately...
I was Googling that today, but all I can see is stuff related to how the trackpad and the mouse can be programmed to have different scrolls and I didn't see anything about having a different scroll per app

You wouldn't want to reverse it for the app; you'd want to reverse it super quick while you were holding the zoom modifiers for that purpose only. I fear AS might not be zippy enough for that.

@iamdannywyatt, your quest for "One App to Rule Them All", while admirable, might be a touch counterproductive. We all know how that went for Smeagol. :ring:

I don't say it "has" to be that way. If I can, great, if not, oh well... I don't think I will get rid of BTT anyway, because I use it for the window maximize and certain window snapping, but if I can avoid it in certain scenarios, for example, even better.

And yay for Smeagol! LOTR rule!

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@noisneil Today I found this other app that works with Magic Mouse and it's a bit cheaper: Smart Scroll - smooth and easy iPhone-like scrolling

Now I gotta tell you (and @Nige_S) that unfortunately I just found an issue with this workflow. Loopcloud (the app I'm having scroll issues with), has a glitch:
The library scrolls horizontally the way I think it should. When at the bottom I'm working with the editor, it's reversed... can you tell me: WHY?? Developers don't test their apps and see that these things are in conflict? So I guess that even an app that allows me to reverse the scroll, won't help me.

Sorry, which one?

It's 1:20am here and my brain is about to melt, so sorry if I'm not using the right wording... :sleeping:

What I mean is that since Loopcloud has 2 different behaviors inside, even if I have an app that reverses the scroll, I will always have to deal with the wrong scroll on one of the areas. The library scrolls left, while the editor scrolls right.

When you say "wrong", do you mean it's not working as designed or you just don't like it?