Invoking Keyboard Maestro “Prompt for User Input” Buttons Other Than OK via the Keyboard

Often times I have to do repetitive tasks which involve answering to a prompt. The only button that's hard-wired to a keyboard key is the OK button. How can I invoke other buttons without reaching for the mouse?

Ideally, pressing the 1st letter of the button name would activate them.

I suspect this is not possible in KM. If so, are there any workarounds?

Also, if not supported, would the author consider implementing?


Hey @project_guru,

Take a look at the “Optional Buttons Can be Assigned Shortcut Keys” section of the “Prompt For User Input” wiki page:

Wiki -- Prompt For User Input


Incidentally, the outlined button can be clicked with the space key in macOS dialogs

Hey Vincent,

This is only true IF you have the following setting turned [ON]:

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard > Change the way Tab moves focus


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You're totally right. Thanks Chris, I'd forgotten it's not always enabled