ipv6 support

I just found out that KM web server isn’t listening on IPv6, any chance we get this added?

It should be. How do you know it isn’t?

In the Terminal, use the command:

open 'http://[::1]:4490'

and it opens the connection fine for me.

It’s bloody hard to do otherwise though, you can’t paste in ** http://[::1]:4490** to Safari, it throws up an error.

As far as I can tell it is working with IPv6, but its very hard to test as most networks don’t support IPv6 to any degree. I’m not sure I can even get an IPv6 connection between two Macs locally, I certainly can’t get one out through my ISP.

You can check your IPv6 support through a Google test site,


It will report if your ISP supports IPv6 or not and if you can connect
to an IPv6 site through an IPv4 bridge.



@peternlewis yup totally right the “open” command from the shell did the trick. @Tim I do have IPv6 connectivity no issue on that end, sounds like OSX is not IPv6 ready. I’ve tried with Chrome, FF and Safari and all of them were unable to reach http://[::1]:4490 or the secure port unless opened via shell.

Thanks @peternlewis I love KM!

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OS X has had IPv6 support since 10.1 (and been enabled by default since 10.3). See


for more.



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OS X definitely has IPv6, but that doesn’t mean that everything supports it.

Safari is kicking up and infinite loop complaining about the certificate when asked to connect to the https port via IPv6, and also cannot process the IPv6 URL “http://[::1]:4490”.


If I go to the plain http address (the link below), it works fine if I type it in Safari.