Is Anyone Having Success Using KM Text-Replacement In the Trailer App's Filter Field?

Ref: Trailer App (Github PR menu bar app)

I was previously able to use the "Typed string trigger" to replace/paste text in the "filter" text area of the Trailer menubar icon. Anyone else using Trailer? Experiencing this issue?

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Welcome to the forum! No. I just installed Trailer and tested a typed string trigger in the filter input and it worked as expected.

Trailer filter test.kmmacros (22.3 KB)

Macro success screenshot:
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 4.47.16 PM

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Ah. So it's not working when you limit the macro to the Trailer app.

Said another way... When this macro is part of a macro group that is only enabled for the Trailer application.

Trailer is apparently a background-only app (menu-bar in this case).

Sadly – you cannot create app-specific macro groups for same.

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