Is "click on found image" the only option for searching google images?

Sorry mate, I have no idea why it's not working. All I did was download the workflow and double click it.

I'll try to find out what's going on. Can you tell me what terminal reports when you type "which python"? In my case it insists python is not installed, but python3 is. Which means I likely have something set up wrong.

Is it possible for you to send me the output of "which python" (or "which python3") so I can see where it's installed?

/usr/bin/python is the location for python 2.7, as installed by previous OSs. It isn't installed any more.

If you've installed python3 via brew, its location will depend on whether your machine has an M1 processor. Type which python3 in Terminal to find its location and adjust the path in the shell script to suit.

Thanks, min is in /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.10/bin/python3. One question I had was, if I type "python" I get an error since it's not installed, though python3 is. Do i need to edit the commands in the Alfred workflow to make them work, since they access "python"? Or is there a binding or something I need to do for the command?

I'll try removing python3 and installing 2.7 and testing again!

No need to uninstall -- you can have python v2.7 and python3 on the same machine.

I'm a bit confused because I see from earlier in the thread that home-brew installed python3 in /opt/homebrew/python3 yet you're getting a different result from which python3. That being /Library/Frameworks suggests you've installed the Xcode command line tools.

If you have then your PATH should be set correctly (it isn't always with a brew install) and you should be able to run python3 without an explicit path. Try python3 --version in Terminal and see if you get anything sensible.

If that works you might be able to simply change the Alfred script line to python3 "{query}" -- but that assumes there's no python v2.7-only code in the script. But I don't think so -- it looks like there's a script in the Alfred workflow -- you also need to change the first "shebang" line to your python3 path.

Even that may only get you back to the situation 6 posts up, where the python script is running but the AppleScript is complaining of an unmatched double-quote. Did you make any changes to the AppleScript? Have you tried with different images, particularly images with and without space characters in their names (POSIX path of in the AppleScript will escape double-quotes for you, but won't escape spaces, which might be confusing the next step of the workflow -- although in that case I'd expect the py script to error because it checks the number of arguments).

Although I'll admit I'm stabbing in the dark here, not having Alfred and trying to pick up clues from the workflow GitHub sources. There may be other stuff going on in there that I don't know about...