Is it/could it be possible to prevent some macros from logging to the engine log?

I have macros that fire on applications activating, de-activating, window focus changes, etc etc. This results in a lot of spam in the engine log and makes it difficult to fish out the important stuff when debugging something. Thanks.

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Hey @devoy,

I reckon that's way more trouble than it's worth for @peternlewis.

You might take a look at these:

Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit

Display Last KM Macro Error


It is important that every macro triggered is reported in the log. It is perhaps the most important purpose of the log.

So it's unlikely I would provide a way to disable that.

I suggest instead to do something like:

tail -f Engine.log | grep -v "My Frequent Macro"

I have something like below.

It gets the last 20 lines of the Engine Log (you can change the number).
I put everything I don't want to show in capture groups separated by the | [OR] operator in the RegEx action. It will filter all these unwanted lines. It will then display the rest of the lines.

MACRO:   03)KM - Get Recent Logs for KM Engine and Editor

DOWNLOAD Macro File:

03)KM - Get Recent Logs for KM Engine and Editor.kmmacros
Note: This Macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. You must enable before it can be triggered.

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Thank you both!

@peternlewis your solution is 98% perfect. The last bit missing is due to my use case..I generally try to keep this running in a BBEdit shell worksheet. But the piped grep seems to break the "tail -F". It works in a terminal window though, which is good enough.

@martin My challenge with your also-very-good solution is being sure that I have caught enough lines to find what I want..and your macro includes the spam in a fixed number of lines before filtering it out. But I certainly appreciate you sharing because it's not an approach that I'd considered..I know I will find a use for it at well!

Again, thanks both.