Is it possible read the contents of the textfile and assign it as a variable

sorry for the misunderstanding

I want to use the file address I wrote in the text file as a variable, is this possible?

thank you for all advices

Yes, you can read the contents of a file into a KM variable. Refer to this page in the wiki Read a File action

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As @tiffle says, yes.
And it is easy to discover Action like this.
If you use the Insert Action by Name, just type in "read" and you will get:

or you could type in "file"

This KM feature has lots of synonyms for Actions, Tokens, and Functions, so it is likely that you can quickly find what you want.


Hi @alicanitto - I see you have now changed the text of your post after I provided my answer. It's really best not to do that because now anyone reading this discussion will not necessarily understand what is going on.

Anyway, did my and @JMichaelTX's responses actually answer your question? I am not sure of that myself now because I do not fully understand what you mean by

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You are absolutely right, very sorry, I thought the new message would be added under the old message but that wasn't the case. Trying to solve my problem, I'm on the trail

in javascript with "%CurrentClipboard%" working perfectly, thank you so much JMichael and @tiffle… you are great