Is it possible to create a KBM macro which triggers a BTT gesture?


Thank you very much for the comment and the videos !

I think that your idea is brilliant. It is the best because it gets rid of the need for remembering many shortcuts: app specific groups ➜ palettes with all the same trigger (I prefer to use a BTT gesture) ➜ show macro for one action

  • good idea to trigger Launchbar with a gesture !
  • by the way, you suggested an app called something like smart-tab in a previous post. it caused all kinds of gesture problems with I could not reconfigure and had to delete it. Just so you know in case you have problems.

Question: had you had any success using the BTT coorner triangle gesture? For some reason, it does not work for me.

Nochmals herzlichen herzlichen Dank !


since you mention Google Translate, please see my other post this morning, if you have time.