Is it possible to customize the prompt dialog box?

Hello Peter et al,

Is it possible to customize the prompt dialog box?

For example, I would like to shorten the width of the box and customize the icon:


No, there is currently no support for customized input dialogs. The only way to do that currently is to use some other application to generate the UI (eg AppleScript, or something else).

Thanks Peter. That pushed me to make one out of AppleScript. It uses the icon for TaskPaper, which is where I am sending the results of the variable "Task." My new dialog box looks like this:

This has become my most complex macro thus far. I'm thrilled with it, as the task is entered directly into TaskPaper's text file, so TaskPaper doesn't need to be running for me to add new tasks. From a "GTD" perspective, I've removed the friction to collecting new tasks.

On the chance that this will help someone, here is the AppleScript in Keyboard Maestro that I am using to make the customized dialog box: