Is It Possible to Freeze Part of the Screen While Mouse Is Clicking on Stuff?


So I have some macros that use Click on found images and opens menus and clicks on stuff in them. While that works perfectly I was thinking to myself that it would look nice if the parts of the screen the mouse is doing its clicking on would be frozen on the display while the menus are popping up, so I don't have to see what's actually going in while it's going on.

I was thinking if there were a "Freeze part of the screen" action that I could add before the mouse actions, where I can enter the coordinates I want to stay frozen on the screen, and as the last action there would be an "un-freeze" action.

Is that possible?

Even if there were a "freeze part of screen" action (there isn't), it would interfere with found image searches in that area. In terms of searching the screen for images, KM can see what you can see; if you can't see it, neither can KM.

Can you give an example of one of your macros? It may be there's a way to do the same thing more discretely.

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