Is it possible to set a color to multiple actions in one run?

Is it possible to select several actions and assign the same color to them?

Yes - why don't you try it? Once you've selected the actions just right click and choose the colour.

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Hahaha, I did:


Selecting the color from the gear menu only changes the action whose gear menu you accessed – at least on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave.

To change the color of multiple selected actions at once it's necessary to use either the Actions > Set Color menu or the Contextual menu instead of the Gear menu.

@peternlewis – is this by design? (Knowing you I'd think so, but let's find out for sure.)

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Unless you've swapped your mouse buttons over, that's a left click...

Selecting an option from the gear menu affects only the specific action.

Selecting an option from the contextual menu (right-click/control-click) affects all the selected actions.


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I ran out of emojis, but you get the idea.

Colour.kmmacros (40 KB)

Macro screenshot