Is it possible to use the Open URL macro from Safari to Chrome Incognito Window?

Started to use the Open URL macro from Safari to Chrome. The URL appears in a new window in Chrome. Is it possible to combine Open URL From Safari to Chrome and the Command + Z trigger action (which is the new command I set for Incognito Window) to open a new window in incognito in Chrome instead? If it is possible, what are the steps needed to trigger the macro?

There are a lot of questions there, it is probably better to pick one at a time, or to just describe what you want to do.

You can read the Google or Safari URL of the current tab using the SafariURL or ChromeURL token.

You can use either of them in the Open a URL action.

You can use a Hot Key trigger to trigger a macro with Control-Z.

You cannot use the Open URL action to open a Incognito or Private window - to do that you would need to either use AppleScript, or use UI scripting, something like:

@peternlewis thanks for the reply. greatly appreciated.

recently learned how to make the command + z for opening a new incognito window macro. that is the reference I was trying to make. @gglick was helpful and explained how to make a macro for it.

What would be ideal is to use the Open a URL action in Safari and then get the URL to open in Chrome in an incognito window. However, wanted to make it easier by being able to combine it with the command + z keystroke so that it could be implemented into a macro. going to read over what you posted then try and make a macro.