Is It Safe for KM to Quit Its Own Engine?

Several of my applications (including KM) frequently refer to files stored on Dropbox. When I walk away from one computer to work on another, but leave the first one booted (maybe it's running a time-consuming task), I need to quit all those apps on the first one, so as not to risk version collisions. But quitting them individually is tiresome (and error-prone)! So I wrote up a macro that does some important error-checking and file-saving in them and then quits them, and that as its last step calls an Applescript (written by @ccstone and intended for another context, but I found it trawling the forum and admired its error-checking) to quit the KM Engine. The macro seems to work great -- but I wonder whether having KM quit its own engine is dangerous. I mean, this macro will never properly end; it will be shut down abruptly by the Applescript.

Am I living on the edge, here?

walk away safely Macro (v10.0.2)

walk away safely.kmmacros (22 KB)

I don’t see why it would be an issue. The Engine can be shut down even in the middle of a macro execution and nothing bad will happen except that macro won’t finish executing.

I use an AppleScript to restart the Engine from time to time because for whatever reason occasionally it will cause my Trackpads features to be laggy.

Good news, thanks!

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