Is KM Fully Compatible With Karabiner Elements?

Is KM fully compatible with Karabiner Elements? I'm using KM 8.2.4 and finding some weird behavior. Macros that are triggered by single key presses (for instance the shift key) work intermittently. Sometimes when I go to the KM editor to check what's going on, when I go to edit my macro and type the hotkey, I get "try again".

I've been using Karabiner Elements for years. I have not had any issues that you described.
What makes you to think that it is because of Karabiner Elements?

Hey Mike,

  • What version of macOS?
  • What version of Karabiner Elements?
  • Why are you using such an old version of Keyboard Maestro?


I figured out that the issue relates to using a Device Key rather than a Hot Key. The reason I think Karabiner-Elements is involved is that when I set up the device key, let's say the left shift key, initially the KM editor shows it as something like "KarabineElements-Driver-LeftShift". Later it will stop working and when I go to the editor again and type the left shift, it says "Try Again."

I do want to use a Device Key so I can trigger the macro with a double-press on the shift key or any key that doesn't normally trigger a keypress.

When I'm not running KE it works fine and the device key editor shows something like "DasKeyboard-LeftShift." "Das Keyboard" is the brand of keyboard I'm using (I'm not using the MacBook keyboard).

Note that Hot Keys work fine with KE running. It's just Device Keys that aren't working right.

MacOS: Catalina 10.15.7
KE: 13.7.0

Why the old version of KM? I bought KM a few years ago and just haven't seen the need to pay for an upgrade, although I suppose I might if newer versions of KM fix this.

EDIT: I just tried it after stopping KE and when I try to type a Device Key into the editor, I get no response at all. Not even mouse clicks register. I might have to restart the computer. I'll try that and get back.

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