Is there a map of which Keyboard Maestro release versions work for which older OSes?

Is there a map somewhere of what releases of Keyboard Maestro are compatible with which older OSes?

Specifically, I am stuck on Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) on an old machine at work (charity org).
Which release version of Keyboard Maestro is the most current/recent/stable for MacOS X 10.6.8?

A cursory search on Google and the KM Manual wiki and this forum surfaced no useful results, alas.

Thank you in advance for having mercy on a Luddite chained to an obsolete machine. Not my choice. :smirk:

Yep, see:
Keyboard Maestro Download Links for Prior macOS Versions

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When you purchase Keyboard Maestro, you’ll receive a license to version 8 (the current version) - just email me after the purchase with the purchase details (serial number or transaction or your email address) and I can add a version 6 license to your account.