Is there a reason Obsidian (or other Electron apps) won't simply open with KM?

I created this simple start-up script for my work that opens up all my needed apps to get the day going. It opens all the apps including Omnifocus and then it just stops. The last two apps do not open. Is anyone else seeing this?

Does the phrase "it just stops" mean that:

  1. the macro aborts with an error, or
  2. the macro aborts without an error, or
  3. the macro never finishes because it's permanently waiting in one of your Pause Until statements?

I found someone else talking about handling Electron apps here. Maybe you can check what they did to resolve their problem.

Actually, I just assumed it was Obsidian. After your question, I was surprised to find that the log shows:

Action 8225 timeout exceeded. Macro “Start Up” cancelled (while executing Activate OmniFocus)

I don't know if Action 8225 is the Activate or the Pause Until action that us getting hung up.

I think I can tell from the message (which action is the culprit) but as a learning experience, I think you should turn on the KM Debugger and watch the window to see what's happening. That should answer your question.

Even though it's apparent to me which one is causing the error, (and probably will be to you also once you turn on the Debugger) at this point I don't know how to solve it. I will ponder this more after lunch.

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Bon Appetit, I appreciate the "Teach a man to fish" approach.
Of course, now that I ran it with the debugger open, the entire macro ran to completion. This only occurs from a cold start start-up for some reason.

It's always a delicate balance.

I'm always leaning in the direction of telling people how to find their own solution. For example, I'm not a big fan of uploading macros when I could just upload a screenshot and that would force people to type the macro in themselves. Sometimes being forced to type a solution by hand triggers the learning experience more than just downloading a macro. But sometimes I get in trouble from admins on this site for not uploading the macro when I upload only a screenshot.