Is there a way to open URL triggers from Chrome without opening a new tab?

When I put a URL trigger (such as kmtrigger://macro=Micro%203) into a web document, there is always the small issue that clicking the URL opens a new tab with the URL as well as triggering the macro.

I’d like to be able to freely make web apps that have a UI that can interact with my computer without this annoying side effect if possible.

But I cannot think of a solution. However, I definitely can think of certain web apps that can trigger external applications without opening a new tab, so I know it must be possible. For example, the Spotify Play Button.

Take a look at this macro I just published:
###Open URL Passed from KM Web Server

The key is to use this Action near the top of your Macro, that will close the blank browser window:

Of course the browser tab still opens, but then it closes in an instant, barely noticeable.

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