Is there a way to select an item inside a dropdown menu?

I am using Adobe Audition.

There is a function called Notch Filter inside the menu EFFECTS > FILTER AND EQ > NOTCH FILTER

When I select this item, a window pops up.

This window contains a drop down menu with favorite presets. I want to choose a favorite from that menu and press OK.

I discovered that when this window opens, I can press TAB and the dropdown menu will highlight. So, I can simulate the TAB keystroke using KM and select the dropdown menu.

But now, how do I select the favorite item from the dropdown menu list?

I could simulate X arrows down to get to the item, but if I add one more favorite to that list, between the first and the one I want, I will break the macro.

I have tried to add "Insert Text "My Preset" by typing and it selects another preset which name is not even closer to that.

Any way to do that? Thanks

Have you experimented with a pause before the simulated typing action? Try 0.5s and then reduce it if that solves the issue.

Have you tried using KM’s Select or Show a Menu action? See the KM wiki hee action:Select or Show a Menu Item [Keyboard Maestro Wiki].

In any case there are plenty of posts here on the forum - just search for “Adobe Audition”.

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Oh is it an actual menu? I don't use Audition, and assumed it would be similar to selecting a plugin in Logic Pro. Ok ignore me then. :man_facepalming:t2:

I did that. The window shows. The problem is now selecting an item on the dropdown it contains.

Yes, I tried a pause there.

I think it has no solution. I have realized there that by using "Insert Text "My Preset" by typing is triggering stuff in Audition. For example, Audition interprets spaces as "play audio"... when the "Insert Text "My Preset" by typing runs, the space between My and Preset triggers audition to play. The same may be happening to other letters.

Yes, I have tried to rename the preset with letters that Audition does not use, but it is very hard because Audition uses a lot of stuff.

Thanks guys, anyway!

Depending on how long the list of effects is, you could try a found image click. Not my first choice, but sounds like it might be worth a shot in this instance...?

I use Click At Found Image for a lot of Adobe Audition work (Effects menu, Diagnostics and Markers panels, etc.). That's the way I'd recommend you go.