Is there a way to trigger the system switcher or modify the Applications Switcher behavior?

Hi, I'm really new to KM and trying to set up hotkeys to switch between applications, and I'm wondering if there's a way to trigger the Mac OS system switcher instead of KM's Application Switcher? I tried setting up a macro to have my preferred keys (LControl+Tab and RShift+Enter) trigger the system switcher keys (Command+Tab). I took a screenshot but don't see a button to insert it, sorry. The behavior is strange and limited, however, since it does not actually launch the switcher overlay and only switches between the 2 most recent applications.

Alternately, could there be a way to modify the behavior of KM's Application Switcher? I'm fine with it for the most part but having to press Enter to select an application is a pain and requires two hands for what should only take one. I'd like the selected app to be at the forefront on key release, like the system's application switcher.

I don't think so. The system switcher’s handling of ⌘Tab happens at a low level - it does not use the Hot Key API and cannot be configured in the System Preferences, Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Maestro has special code to steal the ⌘Tab keystroke to allow it to work with the Keyboard Maestro application switcher, but I doubt there is any way to simulate it.

When do you have to press Enter to select an application? Just release the modifiers and the selected application will be brought to the front.