Issue with shortcut conflicting with macro to trigger macros by name [SOLVED]

I have a macro that's global where I press F4 and it opens KM's "spotlight" where I can then type to trigger a macro by name. In this case, it's to open certain apps I use the most.

Then I have an app, Loopcloud, where I use the letter M to mute certain parts of an audio file (that's a macro too). When Loopcloud is the main app and I press F4, I see the spotlight, but if I end up typing something with the letter M, the spotlight goes away.

Is there a way to add some kind of condition to the macro where I define Loopcloud's Mute macro to be disabled if the spotlight is active/the front element?

You trigger this macro only with "m"? Then it is clear that it is triggered when you are in the text field of "trigger macros by name". Or do I understand you wrong?

Using such Single letters triggers does create problems. But you can try noisneil multipress macro, for example long press m for mute.

Ah, and in case you are willing to use BTT as an exception, you could choose eg double tap cmd for mute, maybe. :man_shrugging:


I really hate any kind of command that requires long pressing keys. Don't ask why... haha I rather press something 5 times than holding it for 2 seconds. It's just my brain...

No BTT for me :wink: And I try to keep some cross-platform consistency when it comes to shortcuts and since I use M to mute audio/MIDI regions in Logic, it's easier for me to use the same when working with Loopcloud.

But I've found a workaround using the Found Image action. It's simple and it does the trick for now :slight_smile:
Keyboard Maestro Export

And before you (or anyone) ask why the 3 actions (Shift M, then click, then press P) that's because Loopcloud doesn't really have a way to mute. You have to press the Mute tool, then press the audio to mute. And the P keystroke is just to make it go back to the normal cursor (pointer)

BTT was just a joke :slight_smile:

Ok, your solution is interesting. It recognizes the KM icon to the right of the text box, right? That's good!

I suppose you don't have to write much in this app. Otherwise there will be problems anyway.

I know... you're trying to bring me to the dark side again haha

Exactly. Gotta work with what you have...

I'm actually experiencing one issue which is when I type inside the app to search for a sample/loop. I just created another topic about this to keep things separate:

If you know how to achieve this...?

The dark side of the force is very strong. :joy:

By problems, I meant "letter twisters". The question is, what happens to letters that are pressed quickly after the "m"? Do they go into a queue or are they output before the "m"?

I actually have another idea ...

"m" triggers the search window of "... by name". If a palette opens at the same time, you can define what you want there. For example m = m (not mute). If you close the search window again, the palette closes too and "m" is mute again.

hey @iamdannywyatt

have you tried something like this ??

I think it is more robust - and more less work that is lasting on your Mac's processor ....

You can repeat the first two Actions for each Macro you want to be disabled before the Trigger Macro By Name Window appears on the screen.

I do this quite often in other situations.

If you need the Macro(s) automatically reenabled I'll perhaps have another idea....

let me know what you think...

Greetings from Germany


@Nr.5-need_input Hi Tobias, Gruss nach Deutschland, wir könnten jetzt so weitermachen, aber dann versteht uns keiner :slight_smile: that's a clever idea too. What I don't understand, the macro is supposed to be triggered with "m", how can just type "m"?

Hello Frank (@Frankb)

hope you don't mind that I use your Firstname

great to have an English Conversation with a German Person here :smile:

thanks for that

That is the other thing I was pointing at... the Macro needs to be reactivated automatically for the use when you do not use the Trigger by Name Feature....
But this requires a third Macro that watches for a Change.

Some more simple what I wasn't aware of - which I also have In Use by my self is this:

I would first think about using a Global Variable which always has to be there

  • Some thing like DND__isTriggerMacroByNameInUse .

  • Use This at the beginning of the Macro that uses this Spotlight-like Function of KM and use a Value Like "YES" or "TRUE"

  • Var before TriggerMacroByName

  • then put that Same Variable Action at the End of the Array of Actions which are performed when you use the Macro with the KM Feature and Use the Opposite Value ("NO" or "FALSE")


sorry I forgot the Condition - of course use a Variable Condition with that Variable and "YES" or "TRUE"

this normally should do the Trick ....



:rofl: :joy:

Mm, ehrlich gesagt, überschaue ich das hier nicht ganz. But if you say that this works, I believe you of course. To me it shows once more how complicated the workarounds are when you want to use a single key trigger...

War schön, dich auf englisch kennen zu lernen :sunglasses:

Thanks Tobias.
I will have to look into it with more time (and brain) because it's midnight and I can't even think clearly on how to even speak a word haha

Appreciate the workaround.
For now, I decided to use Option+M as a way to keep working without any issues, but I will test your solution soon! :wink:

This is already set by F4 which is a priority for me.

I want to avoid any extra windows, palettes, etc. I'm a "one click" type of person... My workflow needs to be fast and simple. So for now, until I find a good solution, I will stick to Option+M.
I will look at Tobias workaround as well and see if I understand his approache

Hey @iamdannywyatt

you're welcome

take the time you need to - no needs to hurry....
If there is something you don't understand feel free to ask for help I'll try my very best to help

Greetings from Germany