Issues With Application Switcher and Path Finder

I use Path Finder 7 instead of Finder because it’s so much more feature rich and customizable. I’ve run into an issue with it’s integration with KM.

When I’ve got a file selected and need to drag it to another app, I would normally command tab over to that app. The KM Application Switcher just disappears when I have a file in “drag mode”. This problem does not occur in Finder.

If this should be a bug report instead, let me know.

UPDATE: I just switched to an early 2014 MBA so that I could downgrade to Mavericks (I was on a brand new MBA when I posted this). The issue has stopped. Must have been an issue with Yosemite. Very likely seeing how Yosemite is terrible.

Yes, it sounds like a bug report, but since I don’t have Path Finder, I wont be able to reproduce it (and I can’t generally install applications to test them out). Other people use Path Finder, so maybe they can confirm whether they suffer the same issue.

If an application comes to the front for any reason the Application Switcher would be aborted, its possible Path Finder is popping itself to the front during the drag, which could be where the problem is.

Other than asking the Path Finder folks about it, I don’t have much of a suggestion I’m afraid.

I noticed this bug a few days ago and I uninstalled Pathfinder because of it. It will be nice if this can be sorted out.

Do you use LaunchBar? I use the LB feature “Quick Send” to do the functional equivalent of drag-dropping files. Works well.

I use PathFinder and KM. (But I don’t use the KM app switcher. I use Witch.) I can test out some scenarios for you, if you’d like — or at least confirm the “bug”. I’ll need a specific recipe to make it happen, though.

If I understand what you are trying to do correctly, there are some equally good (imho) workarounds worth trying: using the Finder app switcher (I have not disabled Finder) or using the Dock or using Exposé (you can trigger this with a gesture while dragging) come to mind.

In case it’s of use to anyone, here’s a workaround…

As far as I can see, this only happens if the item you’re dragging is over a Path Finder window when you bring up the Keyboard Maestro application switcher. (Looks to me as though that’s because the Path Finder window is bringing itself to the front in order to receive the drag.) So if you make sure you’ve dragged the item out of the Path Finder window before opening the application switcher, the application switcher stays open.

(I’ve been a user of both Path Finder and Keyboard Maestro for several years, but I’m only just trying out Keyboard Maestro’s application switcher. If I find that this problem gets in my way – it hasn’t so far – I’ll raise a bug with Cocoatech, the Path Finder people, and report back here.)

I'm considering installing Path Finder in my OS X Sierra machine. I don't use KM's Application switcher, I use embedded AppleScripts to do that.

Since the above discussion is a bit old, does anyone have anything new to report on any good or bad between KM and Path Finder?


I used KM and Path Finder together for years after this post and had no problems.

I recently stopped using PF though because it seems to play very poorly with Hazel. Any folder with rules on them became laggy and nigh unusable

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Short Version: I recommend PF7 (but not PF8 yet).

I have been running PF7 on Sierra for about 9 months now, and KM for several years, now up to K 8.2.1. I have not found any issues between PF and KM, period. But I also don't use the KM App Switcher -- I use LaunchBar and the Mac App Switcher.

I really like PF7, and have few problems with it. I prefer its UI and tools over that of the Finder. The PF7 scripting model is not as full as Finder, but I have overcome that by using the PF7 model when I can, and then simply get file/folder path/alias for use with Finder where I need to use Finder scripting model. I also use a lot of ASObjC scripts which are independent of both.

For my use with KM, I have a script which will return a text list of POSIX paths of the selected items of whichever file explorer is frontmost, and then allows use by KM Actions like For Each with a lines collection.

PF8 has been released, but I do not recommend it based on the user feedback in the CocoaTech PF forum. It has been rewritten from scratch, so when they work out all of the new bugs that come with a new app, I expect it to be great.