Issues With KM's "Display Text Briefly" Action

1. It seems that the box doesn't go away at all. It's behaving like a normal notification where I need to hit Close

2. I've been running this macro for a while now using Notifications and had no issues, but using "Display text briefly" using this text, causes an error.




These are 2 different errors from 2 different times I ran the macro, not that they are both showing up on the same run. Just wanted to share that the errors are there and they don't always have the same error message.

This error only shows when I'm using "Display text briefly". When it's disabled, the macro runs without any issues. Maybe this shouldn't be related, I don't know, but that's my experience right now.

Backup (remote iCloud and Dropbox) - Run (available via Raycast).kmmacros (54 KB)

Macro Image

We need to see the full error and the macro (beat me to it :wink: ).

It looks like rsync is throwing a "no such file or directory" error, but there's no obvious reason why those "Display Text" actions should cause that.


Thinking further, I think we're taking utterly the wrong approach here. rsync isn't Mac-file friendly, paths in "Execute Shell Script" get tricky for the funky characters Mac users like to use in file/folder names, you got extra overhead in spawning shell processes, etc, etc...

As I understand it, the only reason for jumping through these hoops is because KM's "Copy File/Folder" doesn't create parent directories if they're missing at the destination -- you want a new base destination each time, so you aren't using any of rsync's "intelligence" for only copying updated versions etc.

As discussed in a previous threads about creating new folders with the same-but-incrementing name, @peternlewis has deliberately designed the "Create New Folder" action to silently exit if the folder already exists and given it the option to create any intermediate folders if they don't.

What was annoying behaviour then seems to be perfect for this! More in the original thread.

The Display Text Briefly action makes a system notification. The behaviour of this notification is largely outside of Keyboard Maestro’s control, and instead controlled by your system settings.

This seems virtually impossible.

Whatever is happening, the issue is not with the Display Text Briefly action.

Read the full text error in the Engine.log file (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder), and resolve the error.

The Display Text Briefly action will not be related to this, unless there is an exceptionally tight timing issue or other fragility with your macro or something else weird is going on.


I wish I could see that as well. I hate it that Apple doesn't seem to allow reading long notifications. At least I never found a way to do it and online someone said it's not possible. Is there a way to see the whole thing?

Exactly... I don't know why it happens only when I have that action enabled.

This is way too complicated for me, since I'm still very newbie when it comes to the deeper technicalities of AS, Shell, or even KM...

I wish I could interact more when it comes to this, but I just can't (yet) fully understand it, sorry. Even the original thread, I need to go back and try to fully understand your macro and your description.

Did you check KM's Engine.log file? It should be in there.

Check that out -- it's all KM actions you know and love, no shell script nonsense!

Here's what is confusing me: if the system defines the notification behavior (I would assume you are talking about this?)

and KM can't control that, does it mean that if the system is set to Alerts, we always get the constant message? If so, then why does KM come with 2 options that apparently have 2 different behaviors (Notification and Briefly text) when it will always be defined by the system? Or am I missing something?

Yes, as I mentioned, it sounds weird, but truth is, I've been using the macro for a few days now with just notifications and today when I tried to just used the brief text without notifications, I started getting those errors.

I will try it again and see the log file as you suggested.

I didn't know about that file until I read Peter's reply. This is great to know. I will pay more attention to it from now on, even for sharing it here on the forum.

My issue sometimes it's more about certain terms that I don't know such as "overhead of shelling-out", or when you mentioned that it needs to be "standardized" etc... those are all things that lose me along the way haha