It Keeps Asking For Access

  1. What's different between the free trial version and paid version?

  2. Why it keeps asking for access even if I have already allowed it?


  1. Can I use it on my ipad and another mac book with 1 license?

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Hey Sasi,

The paid version does not expire.

What version of macOS are you using? Security & Privacy settings have been buggy since Mojave. See if this helps:

Keyboard Maestro does not function on iOS.

I don't remember offhand how many personal systems are covered by the license...



As @ccstone said, KM only runs on Macs, not iOS/iPadOS.

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Thank you guys!

  1. Thank you! I just purchased it after a few test. I think it was a great decision after I tested a few hours. Thanks for the great software!

  2. Solved the problem. FYI, I am using Macbook M1 Beta version ( 2.0 Beta (21A5268h), The newest one ). It works very well so far.

Leaving a solution for the next person. :slight_smile:
I had to install it in "Application folder" as the author sent me the instruction which I missed. Then It's all fine.

  1. Great!

Thank you all!


Keyboard Maestro is licensed per user and you can use it on up to five Macs. If more than one person is using it, then you need one license per person.