iTerm script to activate some setting help

in iTerm, there is a setting that you can activate and change on per session basis. This one :

Is there a way to activate / deactivate this setting from applescript or find out how I can do it? I believe I have Script Debugger that it seems over the top in complexity and I have no idea what to do to get info like that. If any kind man here who too uses iTerm can help me with this script, it would make me incredibly happy. :slight_smile:

The only way I can see how to do it now is through searching for images but that is so so slow and bad. An applescript solution would be amazing. This window can be opened by pressing ⌘ + i or pressing two times on the iTerm tab.

Thank you a lot for any help on this.

Actually never mind that, I can just create a new profile with this setting and automate new tabs opening with present profiles, seems easier.

Still though, I really need to get ahold of this applescript thing. What is the best way of reading application dictionaries and things you can and cannot do with these apps?

Open the Script Debugger application, go to "File" menu ->"Open Dictionary", select iTerm (if running) in the drop down listing. That should open the scripting dictionary for iTerm.

FYI, Script Debugger has its own Forum for AppleScript questions.