Itunes keeps opening automatically

Well, dang, that’s what I posted before Peter, or whoever it was, talked about the All Macros method, and I thought the All Macros method was cooler, and there you go saying it isn’t. Can’t win for losing. :smile:

I didn't say it was cooler, only simpler.
six-to-one, half dozen-to-the-other. :wink:
It's always good to have choices.

Thanks for the various suggestions, though really just one - just different implementations. I will certainly give it a go when this think rears it’s ugly head again. Thanks!

Well, here it goes again. I selected all the macros and sorted by date used. It would be helpful, however, if there were a way that I could see the date of when the macro was last used. And, perhaps there is and I’m just missing it. But, nevertheless, the very first item is “Activate Application Switcher” and the one after it is “Launch Safari.” But Safari is already open and I haven’t typed anything. I was actually watching a movie on NetFlix and my hands were NOT on the computer, when all of a sudden, itunes opens. I can’t see anything in the first several macros that would give me a clue as to why this would happen.

Man …am I frustrated!

I don’t know that much about Application Switcher, but could it have launched iTiunes for some reason?

Your wish is my command.

Shows most recently run macros, with the date/time they were last executed.

Wow! However, should be a “broad_smile.” Thank you

I appreciate the help of that macro, because it showed indeed that the application switcher was activated today, whereas the next in line was activated two days previously. So, I guess I can rightly conclude that the KM macro Application Switcher is the culprit. However, I activated the application switcher several times but itunes failed to show up uninvited. So, I’m still in the dark. But, maybe this just tells me that KM is NOT the problem as previously suspected. It was just odd that itunes showed up pretty quickly after turning on KM. And then stopping itunes completely from it’s “on again and again and again” course after turning KM off.

Well, I’ll keep trying to figure it out. In one way, I’m delighted because I really like using KM!

You can select a macro and open the Window ➤ Macro Inspector and it will show you the last time it was triggered.

You can also look in the Engine.log file to see when macros were triggered.

Look at your Application Switcher macro and verify it has not had any changes made to it (eg, you could have accidentally added another action to it).

There are other things that could cause iTunes to launch - for example if you have any iTunes AppleScripts, they editing them could potentially cause iTunes to launch to read the dictionary.

Yeah, I learned a while ago to be careful when hitting Cmd+Q to exit the KM Editor. Depending on what's focused at the time, it's easy to accidentally change a "Type a keystroke" action to Cmd+Q, and that usually leads to head-scratching situations. :slight_smile:

One of the most useless things that causes iTunes to launch is when a Bluetooth audio device switches between audio codecs, e.g., between aptX and SCO, which may happen when a VoIP app launches.

Thanks to everyone for suggestions to my problem. (I turned off Bluetooth a few weeks back but that hasn’t helped). Last night I just started closing every app and removed everything in my user login items and then restarted. Running without any of my third party stuff that I normally use, the problem still existed. I’ve come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with KM (which I’m glad to say). But, Apple support hasn’t been much help and the only relief I can get is to just turn the volume (within itunes) to 0 and minimize the itunes window when it shows up. It’s still running but at least I can listen to something else and work in other windows without being interrupted and I’ve gotten all my nice little third party apps back again. Sorry to have implied anything against KM, it just seemed to be the culprit but I don’t believe that anymore.

Thanks to all again.

That’s a weird problem…

Did you look at /var/log/system.log when the launch occurs?

If you want to, you might make a macro that catches the iTunes launch and quits it if you never use it.

I was thinking the same thing. And even if he does use it occasionally, it's easy enough to disable the macro when he needs iTunes.

Could it be some sort of extraneous keystroke? For example, do you have any peripherals attached - keyboards, track pads, etc. - that are, I don’t know, unusual? That might cause this?

For that matter, is it possible you have something wrong with your keyboard, where it periodically sends whatever keystroke it is that can start iTunes? Like an intermittent short or something?

Also, perhaps there’s some way to disable starting iTunes from keys in general? If so, that might help narrow down the problem.

It is indeed VERY weird! I’m using a MacBook Pro, nothing attached anywhere except earphones. And, it can just begin when I’m not even touching the laptop (like when I’m watching Netflix). The laptop is less than a year old. I looked at /var/log/system.log and I found some lines right about the time that the “weirdness” began to happen last night. But, I don’t really know what it means. The log showed:
Jul 6 23:56:01 Arts-MacBook-Pro iTunes[1118]: ApplePushService: APSConnection being used without a delegate queue
Jul 6 23:56:14 Arts-MacBook-Pro iTunes[1119]: ApplePushService: APSConnection being used without a delegate queue


You can start iTunes from plugged-in earphones. I’ll bet even earphones that aren’t designed to do that could do it, if there was a short or something.

Really? Hmmmm! They aren't Apple earpbuds, but they're "new" earbuds (can't get the Apple models to stay in my ears). I'll do some experimenting and see what happens. Thanks for the tip.
I also did a Google search for the phrase "ApplePushService: APS Connecting being used …" and found some entries going back several years about this very problem. But, I didn't discover any fixes for those users who reported the problem.

Well, it appears from my testing that my earbuds are the problem. But, I can’t bring myself to believe that there is a short or defect in my buds. I did connect a pair of desk speakers to the earphone jac and then plugged my buds into the earphone jac of the speakers and didn’t have one episode of itunes going crazy on me. But I did have one time when plugging my buds direct to the laptop brought up the itunes app. So, I guess this really solves my issue …at least as far as I can see from here. Thank you to all for indulging me to post in the forum that really isn’t for such issues. It’s appreciated.

Glad you found it!

If you like your earbuds and don’t want to replace them, you could try a short extender cable and see if that solves it.

Yup! That seems to work as well! Thanks!

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