Just realized "I still" don't know how to trigger a Clipboard Filter

Can someone please guide me?

I just realized "I still" don't know how to trigger the Clipboard Filter. I read the wiki article but I'm still not clear as to how the filters can be triggered/applied for everyday tasks.

For example, how do I apply the uppercase filter to text that in a word document?

And I just noticed that I use another macro entirely to capitalize the first letter of a word.

But I'd rather understand how to properly apply the filters instead of creating a separate macro for each filter I can't seem to trigger.

I have macros that look something like the one shown below. It takes selected text, cuts it from a document, replaces it with an all-caps version, then deletes the original text and the all-caps text from my clipboard history.



This is great, thank you! I think you just taught me how to utilize the Clipboard Filter.