JXA: not sure why .doShellScript() gives an error -10004


Here is my issue. This JXA script works well, returning '/' as current wd:

And the following JXA script gives an error -10004 and refuses to start:

Can anyone explain why can't I use .doShellScript(), when app is created from "Keyboard Maestro Engine"?

Two things:

  1. I’d look up the error code.
  2. I wonder if pwd is in the path - when this step runs.

Hello, Martin!

Thanks for trying to help. Error -10004 is A privilege violation occurred.
Looks like this is one of the mysterious JXA issues:

Why do you want to use the KM app to run shell scripts?
Just about all examples I have seen that use .includeStandardAdditions do so applied to the Current Application.

Since that works for you, what not use it?

There is not any special reason. I was already using KM app in this script, so I wanted to use an existing reference instead of creating another one to CurrentApplication.

The KM Engine is NOT a good app for general purpose use in either JXA or AppleScript.

So, for all of my JXA scripts, I have a template with this at the top:

'use strict';

var app = Application.currentApplication()
app.includeStandardAdditions = true

This is especially needed if you want to do any type of UI, like app.displayDialog.

For more info on JXA, see:
JXA Resources

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Got it, thanks!

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As that’s such common boilerplate I wonder if Keyboard Maestro could automatically generate it at runtime - with a tick box to enable it.

(I’ve just started using Keyboard Maestro as a test bed for learning JXA and this particular incantation seems near universal to me.)