Keep Command pressed down while pressing and releasing other keys

I’d be grateful for help in generating a macro action that:

(a) presses the Command and letter ‘C’ keys simultaneously

(b) releases the letter ‘C’ but keeps the Command key down

© presses “1”

(d) releases “1”

(e) releases Command

(This is needed to trigger something in CopyPaste Pro.

Many thanks!

I just downloaded a trial copy of CopyPaste Pro to try to create this for you. However, none, and I mean not a single menu item in their app has a keyboard shortcut. Would you be able to describe what you’re trying to do exactly with the ⌘1 (Command1) shortcut, and maybe I can figure something out from there? Also, what happens if you release the ⌘ button after doing ⌘C and then doing the next step, ⌘1, as a separate keystroke? Does it still work and accomplish the task you want it to, or is it absolutely imperative that the ⌘ key is held down continuously during this process?

Keyboard Maestro has no ability to press and hold any key, modifier or button (in part because of the serious potential consequences of stuck down keys - your Mac would become just about unusable if the Command or Control key was stuck down).

What are you trying to accomplish with CopyPaste Pro? Keyboard Maestro does have its own clipboard history which may be able to help in this instance.

Thanks Peter and JBunkers (especially for trying CopyPaste Pro for me!)

In CopyPaste Pro, pressing Command-C then releasing the C (but not the Command key) and pressing and releasing any number or character copies selected text into a clip archive,

Pressing Command-V then releasing the V (but not Command) and pressing the same number pastes that clip. You can use up to 48 separate clips that way. I use it for for copying extracts from online articles, eg Cmd-C-1 to copy the URL, Cmd-C-2 for the title, Cmd-C-3 the first extract etc and then pasting them all into a document. It saves having to repeatedly switch between source and target.

I could automate this with Quickeys by checking the "leave pressed" box in a "Type Keystroke" macro (see screenshot). The pressed key released itself after the next step.


Here’s how I do it:

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Philippe: that’s fantastic - exactly what I’m after!

Many thanks!