Keep it Simple

Something bothered me for a long time (unnoticed Capslock), then I decided to check for options in KM and after a short while I came up with this very short macro. It is based on the use/not use of caplock by 'author' giving either this: john doe... or JOHN DOE...

So I simply select the name/text and then run the macro. Sometimes it is all caps, because when I type I look at keys not on screen so I may chose 'Lowercase' instead of 'Title Case'

It's fun that KM even makes simple solutions happy moments


That's one of the reasons I love Keyboard Maestro. It's not designed solely for people who need super complex macros. I have quite a few of those kinds, but the majority of my macros are very simple; 3 to 5 actions - but they save SO much time and effort.

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