Keep Mail Running Macro (v9.2)

Keep Application Running

Keyboard Maestro 9.2 on macOS 11.2.3

I have an “always on” Mac that runs macros / reports for me throughout the day via Keyboard Maestro. In some cases those reports / macros are run when a specific email or attachment arrives. So I need to ensure that the default Mail application is always running. Is there a better way to ensure that is the case then what I've got below?

Keep Mail Running.kmmacros (7.1 KB)

Hey Mike,

I'm not certain how bombproof it would be, but set an Application trigger for when Mail quits.

Make it global.

Set a pause that's long enough for Mail to fully quit.

Restart Mail with an Activate a Specific Application action.

As long as Mail has been started once, the macro should keep it going.


Thank you for for the insight, I'll give it a shot!

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