Keeping the Mac awake enough to see remote web triggers

I have some remote trigger macros that work great except when I try to invoke them the next day. I suspected that the Mac was sleeping and was never seeing the remote web triggers so I set in preferences what I thought was everything to prevent a sleep state.

When I touch my keyboard and the display wakes up, then it seems the pending macro triggers fire. I saw somewhere that you could use the caffeinate utility to keep from sleeping but I though there must be a way through the Mac OS UI.

That certainly should prevent your Mac from sleeping. However, if it is not, then I would look into using pmset for more fine-grained controls rather than caffeinate which is more appropriate for a specific task that you want to use to keep the computer from sleeping.

That being said, if pmset doesn't help, caffeinate would definitely be my next tool from the toolbox.