Key I don’t want my Mac to get?

Hi, I am wondering if Keyboard Maestro could exclude a keypress sent to my Mac? I sometimes use TeamViewer to work on my Mac and my PC at the same time. I use a controller that can play pause, FF, RW video via VLC player on the PC. The way I have set up the controller it does not focus VLC Player (which it controls). On the Windows side, it works perfectly. Now with TeamViewer part of the mix, it seems to send random keys to my Mac application in focus. The key that it is sending on the PC side is Ctrl + F10. The Mac programs are receiving multiple “a” characters. I know hat is a lot of info and combinations… but the gist of what I am asking is can Keyboard Maestro tell a certain application (e.g. XCode) to ignore certain keys or signals? Thanks

In theory, yes: you could make a macro that is only active in Xcode with hotkey triggers for all of the keys that your controller sends, and just have the macro do nothing, like this:

(I don't have Xcode installed, so I used a VLC-only macro group instead, but the principle is the same)

Thank you so much for the help. I like knowing this is possible with Keyboard Maestro. I will not be able to use this because somehow the controller is sending the “A” key to the Mac. On the Windows machine, the key is Ctrl+F10, I don’t know how it is sending the Mac and “A”. But I have seen things like this before. Of course, leaving out the “A” key is too obstructing to regular use. Going to try to explore some other things. Thanks

No problem! This kind of solution certainly isn’t the kind of thing you could leave on all the time, but I think it could still work by limiting this macro to an Xcode-only macro group and creating a quick toggle for it. If there’s some way for the target Mac to tell that it’s currently being VNCed through TeamViewer, there should also be a way to automate the toggle so that Xcode doesn’t accept input from the “A” key when the Mac is being controlled via TeamViewer, but does when it’s not.

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