Keyboard Engine Not in Privacy & Security > Accessibility

In fact, after downloading the trial and giving permission in Accessibility to the Keyboard, I do not see the engine there nor do I see anything in /Applications/ It seems to run if the application is running, though.

[Keynote mistake correct below]

Maybe I’m confused…but why would you be looking for part of Keyboard Maestros’ package in a different applications package?

Duh. I corrected my mistake in the title.

Used the tab key on the command line to accept the option when I typed K and Keynote was the only choice. I should have looked more closely

Keyboard Maestro does not appear in the /Applications folder nor in the ~/Applications folder. I logged into another account on the Mac and dowloaded the "Free Trial" and was able to start it however in this case nothing at all appeared in Accessibility.

I own Keyboard Maestro. Should I be retrieving it from someplace else?

No worries. I’ve done the same thing.

Sometimes an app can be installed in a location other than the applications folder and you have to move it to the apps folder. At least when you download the DMG files. Is the app perhaps in your downloads folder or desktop? It’s been forever since I installed KM so I can’t remember what the install process is like.

Hey Paul,

Well, it would seem that you've misplaced the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

Run this in the to find it:

mdfind -name 'Keyboard'

After that quit it and the engine if necessary and move it by hand into your /Applications folder.

Apple's accessibility preferences have been iffy and worse since Mojave. (Bad Apple!)

See: TIP: Resolving Big Sur Accessibility, Security, and Other Issues


You can always download a fresh copy of Keyboard from - make sure you use the Finder to move it from the Downloads folder to the Applications folder.

You first said the KM Engine is missing. Later, you said the KM app is missing?

I think when I did something, the KM Engine was also missing in Accessibility. I was not able to add the KM Engine to the list, because the KM Engine is located inside the KM app folder. /Applications/Keyboard Maestro

I solved it by running macros. KM Engine automatically pops up to require Accessibility access.

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