Keyboard Maestro 7.0.1

Keyboard Maestro 7.0.1 is out now. Fixes a bunch of issues.

Changes in 7.0.1:

  • Allow 10.10.0-2, with a warning about Yosemite bugs.
  • New Safari/Google Chrome Tab now works if there are no windows open.
  • Added Gemmell Purple palette style.
  • Add control over notification of timeout failures.
  • Turn gear icon blue if there is a note attached to the action.
  • Support opening .kmaction files to add it to the current macro.
  • Support Option-Return/Enter in Trigger Macro by Name to edit the macro.
  • Fixed a crash when you switch the Screen Capture area to “Area”.
  • Fixed a crash when editing the theme style of a macro group with no macros.
  • Fixed a crash and other issues with the Folder Changed trigger.
  • Fixed Wireless trigger multiple firing issue.
  • Fixed Application “All Applications” trigger to only trigger for foreground applications.
  • Fixed the Copy/Cut actions, not waiting long enough.
  • Fixed the Copy to Named Clipboard action, not waiting long enough.
  • Fixed Escape doing Get instead of Cancel on the Share to Forum sheet.
  • Fixed use of user locale for %ShortDate% et al tokens.
  • Fixed web server custom.css MIME type set to text/css.
  • Fixed multiline text fields in plugin action editors.
  • Fixed a problem with clipboard history in Word 2016.
  • Fixed non-edit display of hot key tapped twice trigger.
  • Fixed gear menu icon to update when the action was not disclosed.
  • Fixed Undo while search field is selected to apply only to the search field.
  • Fixed Find Image action to return the full results (left,top,width,height,fuzz).
  • Fixed Set Color of actions on first control click to have color swatches.
  • Changed Share to Forum to use PNG instead of TIFF.
  • ChangedShare to Forum to post by https.
  • Worked around system bug with GetProcessForPID that affected activating applications.
  • Cleaned up some application handling code.
  • Detect possible re-entrant call to load macros.

Very nice work Peter, I was excited to see all these updates. Very nice to see the "Turn gear icon blue if there is a note attached to the action" however for me it seems to have turned most of my actions in my macro's blue even if they don't have a note attached to them. It seems to work fine for newly created macro's though. Is there someway to have Keyboard Maestro recheck to see if there is a note or not? I have restarted the computer but that doesn't seem to have changed anything.

I also got this dialog for the first time, it might have been there for a while but neat to see that you took the time to make this to keep things running smoothly.

The gear icon will be blue if there is anything of interest in the gear menu, that might be a note, or it might be that the action has extra configuration abilities.

Make sure if you get that dialog that you stop syncing if you have made any changes to your macros on the other version since upgrading. Otherwise you will learn that the live dangerously offer has appropriate consequences (and indeed, even the Check For Update will likely have consequences if you have made changes since upgrading your other Mac.

Okay thanks, not quite as useful as I had hoped but good to have. Still hoping that a more robust a floating action inspector will be available as you select through actions that can show comments and the other options. Kind of like command+option+I does for files in the finder as opposed to command+i for getting info for a single file.

Action Inspector:

Will do, thanks.