Keyboard Maestro 7.2.1

Changes in 7.2.1

  • Allow “hotkey:” alone to search for any macro with a hot key trigger.
  • Added Enable/Disable/Toggle as synonyms for Set Macro Enable action in New Action by Name.
  • Added MouseGetCountdown hidden preference.
  • Ensure duplicated/pasted/etc Type a Keystroke actions do not focus on the keystroke.
  • Changed Display Clipboard to retain keyboard focus (so Command-W works).
  • Allow 0 for MaxClipboardHistory hidden preference.
  • Properly record Double and Triple Click and Drags.
  • Show Status Menu action allows keyboard activation/movement (after short delay).
  • Change “Select a Window” new action name to “Bring a Window to the Front”.
  • Changing the name of a macro is immediately reflected in actions that refer to it.
  • Correctly sort iTunes tokens in Insert Token menu.
  • Fixed issue with gCurrentExecuteActionListEntry assertion.
  • Fixed an issue importing/duplicating macros with references to other macros.
  • Fixed an issue searching for macros by UUID.
  • Fixed an issue where shrinking the window could result in column sizes less that the minimum allowed.
  • Fixed a bug with Prompt for User Input action buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where actions within Switch actions were not being searched.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting a macro to edit from a palette.
  • Fixed a bug with Folder triggers if macros were copy and pasted.
  • Fixed Web Server password to be change immediately you enter text, not waiting for Tab.
  • Fixed unicode surrogate pairs display in web server.
  • Fixed Clearing Recent Applications to apply to both editor and engine.
  • Significantly optimized setup of variables in Execute JavaScript in browser.

Thanks, Peter, for another great update.