Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4

Changes in 8.0.4

  • Added “increases” and “decreases” options to MIDI controller change trigger (forum).
  • Support array index for many tokens (eg %TriggerValue[3]%).
    • FrontWindow*, Window*, Screen*.
    • SystemClipboard, PastClipboard, NamedClipboard, TriggerClipboard.
    • TriggerValue, CurrentMouse, FoundImage.
  • Added Search & Replace and Count/Find facility to Keyboard Maestro Engine AppleScript dictionary.
  • Added Report Updates Only When Editor Activates to General Preferences.
  • Added more clipboard flavor exclusions for Microsoft Word to yet again avoid the bookmark link issue.
  • Remember Clipboard Switcher Info button setting.
  • Worked around Chrome not liking certain characters in JavaScript strings (forum).
  • Detect case where either the Engine or editor is translocated (previously only detected case where both were).
  • Fixed an issue where you could not edit some fields in disabled actions (forum).
  • Fixed Dictionary Key condition field not saving when you typed in to it.
  • Fixed Command-K toggling the Action Selector.