Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “7_Shortcuts_converts” Macro


Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “7_Shortcuts_converts” Macro

7_Shortcuts_converts.kmmacros (232 KB)


Hey Palle,

It doesn't make a lot of sense to do find/replace actions by brute force in Word when you can operate on the clipboard with Keyboard Maestro – OR directly script BBEdit.



Hi Chris
I am not sure I get what you mean. I know it seems a big detour, but Word will not read the plist file so I used BBEdit, and I had not found a way to get a nice printout of the content you see when you go to utilities keyboard etc.
anyway this macro will in a simple manner give me the two columns for print out.
I am not familiar wit scripting... so I use the tool I am familiar with, and enhanced it using KM.



Hey Palle,

What's the path to the system plist? (So I can actually test the macro.)



no path, it is simpler to do this:
system settings
/ text

in the list you see mark all (cmd A) and then just drag this (two columns) out, say onto you desktop (it will be as a copy). There it will show up as 'text shortcuts.plist'. I use danish version of macOS so you'll see something in English. This file I double-click opening in BBEdit, and while the cursor is inside filearea I run macro.
the macro ends wit a 'select all' command, which I use to set 'Tabvalue' in word by clicking. There I have my two nice aligned columns.
Possibly one would think it is much ado about nothing, but I have around 40 items in this list and it grows daily. So printing an updated list is fairly uncomplicated now. And I tape the list on the side of my screen.



Hey Palle,

I have nearly 50,000 substitutions, so such a listing wouldn't help me at all.  :sunglasses:

That's why I use Typinator instead of the system or Keyboard Maestro for text-substitutions. It has a very smart search that let's me categorize find things in an instant.

Open your plist file in BBEdit and then run this text-filter on it:

Reformat System Text Substituions (1.3 KB)

BBEdit text-filters operate on the selection if there is one, otherwise they operate on the whole front document.

Text filters are installed here:

~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Text Filters/

Text filters are run from:

BBEdit Menu Bar > Text > Apply Text Filter > <your_filter>

And of course you can give them keyboard shortcuts in BBEdit's Menus & Shortcuts preferences.

I'm not sure how that will work with your inevitable utf8 accented characters, but we'll see.

If it works well then great.

If it doesn't then send me your plist file (if you're willing) and I'll test further.