Keyboard Maestro and Monterey on a New M1 MacBook Pro

Macros I created on my old MacBook Pro don't work on my new MacBook Pro m1 running Monterey.

Hi @pastorbob12 - If none of your Macros run it is most likely that Keyboard Maestro needs to be given permissions in the Mac System Preferences/Security pane of your new MacBook Pro M1.

(For what it is worth - I have a new MacBook Pro M1, Monterey, Keyboard Maestro 10 and all my old Macros work fine.)

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It appears my problem is just in Pages. I have some styles assigned to F-keys. When for example I press F5 instead of applying that style it opens the dialog box for dictation.

Similar behavior for other styles. BUT. If I run a macro to adjust size of an inserted picture it works. ? ? ? ?

Thanks for your advice.

Could it be this setting in Mac System Preferences/Keyboard? If it's unchecked the keys won't act as F keys.



Thank you very much. That seems to have fixed my problem.
I appreciate your help.


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