Keyboard Maestro Application Switcher Doesn't Replace the Mac Default Application Switcher

Hi all,

Currently, when I press 'command+tab', I get one of these 2 resullts:

  1. Either both the OS X application switcher and keyboard maestro's application switcher are launched (first OS X and then keyboard maestro)

  2. Or only the OS X application switcher is launched.

Is there any proper way to configure that keyboard maestro will override the OS X, and be the only one launched?


The Command-Tab system facility is not done by a normal hot key, so Keyboard Maestro has to override it using an Event Tap. Normally that works fine but occasionally the system event tap can be after the Keyboard Maestro tap.

Try Relaunching the Keyboard Maestro Engine (in Keyboard Maestro, File ➤ Quit Engine, File ➤ Launch Engine).

Alternatively, restarting may resolve it.

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Tried quitting and re-activating Keyboard maestro engine.
Still only OS X application switcher works.


I was killing myself over following the instructions to use the left arrow and right arrow to switch between applications.

This worked.