Keyboard Maestro at Macworld Conference?

So Peter, you think you will ever be able to set up a booth at the Macworld Conference? If you can’t attend, I’d man a booth for you. It would be so good to show KM to more Mac users.

No, I have no real plans to ever attend a Macworld Conference I’m afraid.

Understood. I think many attendees would be amazed by what KM can do. Some potential users have to see an application in action and have it explained to them in order to appreciate how it works.

@Bakari45 If @peternlewis would agree, you’d make a booth? I’d love to attend Macworld, too, some time. If I could show Keyboard Maestro around, that would nice, I guess.

By the way, this topic should be meta, not general.

Yeah, @Zettt, I’d be willing to man a booth for Keyboard Maestro, if @peternlewis trust us to demo his application. :).

Also, good point about the meta. I didn’t notice that when I added this topic.

Thanks guys, if I ever decide to do a Macworld booth, I’ll definitely call on your help.

@Bakari45: Sounds really good. If you decide to do anything in this regard, please hook me up.

@peternlewis: Sounds good. Thank you.